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Jun 21, 2013 8:00am PDT
quote as a screen to ultimately use information to throw at somebody with a court of law and a grand jury. they did that when they threw the grand jury at me and they did that to jim risen when they put him up against the grand jury when they say we have the digital records that you called this person or this source, but they won't discuss what you said, even though they had word for word everything that you've said. but they won't use that in a court of law and will fall back to the court to say that's how they had justification just to get the met tada a. >> before i let you out of there, i want to tell you about
Jun 18, 2013 12:00pm PDT
quote : and have not? >> and have not. they can not and have not-- by law and by rule. and unless they-- and usually it wouldn't be they, it would be
Jun 16, 2013 11:00am PDT
quote in the open about the extent of these programs. you have a law interpreted by a secret court to generate a secret program. i just don't think this is an american approach to a world in which we have great threats. my number one goal is to protect the american people, but we can do it in a way that also protects our civil liberties. >> we'll leave it there this
Jun 16, 2013 9:00am PDT
quote 's breaking the law. >> right. and it's not recording them either? >> i could go get a warrant on a criminal case, yeah, absolutely. it's very, very different. i think they think there's this mass surveillance of what you're saying on your phone call and what you're typing in your e-mails. that is just not happening. it's important, i think, for
Jun 19, 2013 3:00pm PDT
you for that clarification. absolutely. with that, let's call -- we have the law library up next. [speaker not understood]. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm going to see if this works. i've never done this before. >> mr. clerk, could we get some help with the machine? >> may we have the overhead display? thank you. >> there it goes, thank you. great. i just want to say that even though i think about myself, i shouldn't, this is my 23rd year of annual budget hearings. the law library budget is basically the same as it has been for a long time. there are no changes in positions. there's never any overtime. the only difference is what you're already familiar with which is the fact there will be a rent cost. but other than that, there are no adjustments of any note. i'm not going to go through all of the documents i gave you. i tried to make them easy to read, but i just am responding to the questions that you had. i just wanted to address them quickly and i will try to be short. so you have time for other people. but on the first page you can see that we discussed what our missio
Jun 18, 2013 6:00am EDT
think everyone on the panel agrees we do not want to separate contract law. absolutely. the cell phones that are subsidized and blocked the network. the buyers do not contractually promise to state that track down. the devices are locked. if you looked to the but cases, there is a laundry list of claims on which tracks funds were available to make litigation happy. competition. so if indeed this is happening, companies like pratt bones -- like trac phone should have remedies. why should the governor interfere with any of this? why don't wireless companies sort out whatever arrangement makes sense for whatever penalty there might be under contract? >> we must take the world we live in, not the world we like. it is what it is. it is policy perspective. you were asking fundamental questions. was the registrars decision correct or not? under the reading of the law, sure it is. the third issue, do we need the dmca at all or not? you are talking about a very important of and very complex issue. i spent my father's day weekend crawled up with jerry's book. it is a very loaded question as well
Jun 17, 2013 12:00pm EDT
' as well. third in sequence is a concept of enforcing law. when that happened and it couldn't get there until the first two components for their of the armed soldiers building the infrastructure necessary and when they enforced, we saw the numbers drop dramatically. so that is what is called the proof of concept that should be brought to all other sectors. i oppose the senate -- what is referred to as the gang of eight plan because they offer all of these other items of the path to citizenship prior to ascertaining and guaranteeing the border is secure in a ball is enforced. secretary napolitano almost a daily basis proclaims the u.s.-mexican border is secure. as part of the legislation why i favor this as opposed to the senate bill is the senate allows the secretary of homeland security six months to come up with a plan to secure the border. my question is i believe there was the job the last four and a half years is to secure the border and when you look at members of 123,000 that have been apprehended where i live in the tucson sector that is last year, ladies and gentlemen and
FOX News
Jun 15, 2013 2:00am PDT
of injustice and many failure as taking the role as top law enforcement officer. here is what he said he would do, if, in fact, he was confirmed, four years ago. >> i will work to restore the credibility of the department badly shaken by improper political interference. personal actions must be untainted by partisanship. >> well, he seems to have failed miserable until that goal. with scandal after scandal marring his tenure as attorney general. he was actually held in contempt of congress. probably no person has held eric holder's feet to the fire like the chair of the house oversight committee, darryl issa, and he has been getting under the embattled attorney general's skin. take a look at this. >> will you make them available to the committee based on bipartisan request? >> i will certainly look at the request. not something i have personally been involved in. i will look at the request and be as responsive as we can. there must be a good reason only the two and from parts were -- >> yes. you didn't want to us see the details. mr. attorney general, in knowing the to and from -- >> i'm not g
Jun 20, 2013 8:00pm EDT
between giving someone the task of implementing and enforcing a law and giving someone else the task of coming up with policy. either policy as embodied in the code of federal regulations or policy as embodied the exercise of pure discretion that will evolve and over time become its own form of law. and so this law, much like the affordability -- the affordable care act, involves hundreds and hundreds of instances of delegated policymaking authority. one of the problems with that is that when you delegate policymaking authority to the executive branch, to the executive branch, the regulatory state, so to peek, you give it to people however well intentioned, however well educated, however wise, about are not themselves elected by the people. they themselves don't stand accountable to the people at regular intervals. and they themselves can act in much the same way as despots might have centuries ago. sure, their actions could be subject to challenge in court under the administrative procedures act, but you challenge them in court under a standard that is very deferential and
Jun 20, 2013 9:00pm PDT
laid down in law of how those photographs are really proved. that was not followed. >> narrator: he presented this argument at the trial, saying that the negatives of the photos were never presented. but there was also the marriage certificate. we asked him how kainat's fingerprints and signature got onto the document. >> siddiqi: she says that, "i signed some documents." she vaguely recalls that she was in some courtroom. >> siddiqi: defense of marriage is a very common defense. because that is the usual practice, is that you rape a woman in the night or gang rape her, and then force her to get married so that it can be justified. there are judgments by the supreme court where the same defense has been taken. like, "look at these photographs, look at this marriage certificate." i think the rapists in pakistan are not very creative about their defenses. they keep on coming up with the same defenses. >> the thing about the marriage is that the key witnesses who could have validated the marriage did not come and give evidence. >> narrator: from the court documents we found the name of
Jun 15, 2013 2:05pm EDT
: she is the senator of my state. he told us about the information. the laws are there. he is not -- he has a lot of problems. host: do you consider him a traitor? guest: under the current laws, he would be considered a traitor in this country. he definitely should not have done what he did. host: he is not a whistleblower, then? guest: not in that sense. i have worked with a lot of whistle-blowers. joe wilson talked about whistleblowers. one reason he is not a whistleblower is this was all legal under the current law. under the current law. some congress people understood it. the section that allows this to happen was the biggest concern i had. host: this is from "the washington times." guest: well, i cannot speak to what is in mr. obama -- president obama's mind or in his intel. i want to say, wakeup, congress. this has been going on for a while. it is difficult to get information. some people stand back. they might have the nsa in there. the nsa can do no wrong. we created a whole new structure within the department of defense. there is a lot of intel being collected. is it getting i
Jun 15, 2013 6:00am EDT
and the laws on the basis of which such programs are authorized in danger the fundamental right of privacy and to data protection of e.u. citizens. the prism case as reported in the media is also likely to reinforce the concerns of e.u. citizens regarding the use of their personal data on line and in the cloud. already in 2012, 70% of the e.u. citizens were concerned that their personal data could be used for the purpose of their been the one for which it was collected. the prism case as reported in the media also highlights the difference between the european union and the united states approaches to data protection. whereas in the united states legal system only u.s. citizens and residents benefit from prosecution and safeguards. in the european union everyone's personal data and the confidentiality are recognized and protected as fundamental rights irrespective of their nationality. these reports are particularly worrisome. the issue at hand is not a new one. it has been tackled by the commission in the past. and to give a single example. the commission has raised the access to personal
Jun 18, 2013 3:00am PDT
's law is not forced treatment. i don't know why mr. vega keeps using that word because laura's law is an upfront tool before somebody needs crisis. if they are proven to be a danger to themselves or someone else, a judge tries to get a treatment team and they try to talk with this person and figure out a way for them to stay out of the hospital. we have forced treatment, we have 51/50. my son has been through 51/50 numerous times. he's been slammed with this. this is a horrible experience. laura's law is a tool, only a tool that may help. for whoever can help, and thank god they don't to have go through the other part. i would say the same thing as this officer said is that some people can't help themselves. the not civil to sit here and watch people lose their lives. i can tell you that. i have been in groups for 4-and-a-half years. i have heard many family members. their children are losing their lives, families are in severe stress. we have to find something else. not our 51/50, not our 52/50s. we are waiting for people in crisis before we do it. thank you, eduardo i want to g
Jun 21, 2013 11:00pm PDT
federal laws to protect the environment were going to stop that oil-importing from happening? you'd set your sights on washington, spread some money around inside the beltway, hire big gun lobbyists to wine and dine the politicians, and stroke the regulators to let the "free market" work, right? right. you would do all that, but you wouldn't stop there. you'd also take your battle to the states, because if you can get laws that serve your interest in one state capitol after another, it might not matter much what washington has to say about it. especially in a time like this when our national government is polarized, paralyzed, and dysfunctional and an obstinate minority is determined to keep it that way. our 50 state capitols have long been the place where things happen. the taxes you pay, the roads you drive on, the quality of the air you breathe, and the water you drink, your right to privacy and your right to vote - these all bear the imprint of laws passed by the legislature in your home state. this report is about how some of those laws get enacted thanks to an organization called
Jun 17, 2013 3:00pm PDT
court struck down an arizona law that requires voters to show, quote, documentary proof of citizenship. the decision written by justice antonin scalia read this way . . . the decision broke down in a rare 7-2 split with justices clarence thomas and samuel alito the only decenters. it upheld the national voter's right statute. it allows citizens to register to vote simply by checking a box saying they are u.s. citizens when getting a driver's license. the people of arizona passed the bill into law kicking off a round of laws around the country intended to limit access to the polls, which is what makes today's ruling so very important. the arizona law was used as model legislation by the american legislative exchange council or alex who then pedalled it to other states. as of today these laws have essentially been ruled unconstitutional. more than a dozen states have pending legislation to restrict rights in many different ways, including moving up registration for voters the deadlines for that eliminating election-day registration and limiting early voting. we'll
FOX Business
Jun 20, 2013 9:00pm EDT
campaigns against all sorts of other vices. let's start with the law most all of you say is good and needed. the law against drunk driving. drunk drivers kill her into the federal government with a hard limit on how much alcohol you could have your blood. is it set at the right level? i asked special correspondent kennedy to drink and drive. >> we are going to go through the course sober and then with alcohol and have you tried the drunk. >> it is my dream come true. >> under the supervision of the los angeles county sheriff's office, she had no trouble driving between cones and parking between them. >> let the games begin. >> she drank a mimosa and then a tequila and then another mimosa. >> it is really shocking how little alcohol takes you to be considered junk. >> kennedy is not much of a drinker. it was clear she was feeling it. john: the detective gave her the breathalyzer test. >> she was at a .043. >> am i drunk? >> no, anything under 805 is not under the influence. joon: but she was feeling it leaves the buzz. >> buzzed driving is drunk driving, don't do it. john: that kennedy did i
Jun 17, 2013 10:00pm PDT
of justice! >> the supreme court strikes down arizona's controversial law. >> this is a prop 200 from arizona. >> requiring voters to show proof of citizenship. >> that's in conflict with the federal motor voter law. >> the high court this morning has handed down five decisions -- >> we have 14 more opinions coming down. >> the justices are holding back. >> we'll get decisions again on thursday. >> on marriage equality, voting rights, and affirmative action. >> i think we can relate this back to education. >> last night's miss usa pageant. >> what's going on with these pageants? >> the topic, equal pay for women in the workplace. >> i think we can relate this back to education. >> really the only other format where this happens are political debates. >> if you let me talk about education. >> education, blah, blah, blah. >> really it goes back to education. >> education, blah, blah, blah. >> are these questions really that important? >> it's time to let it go. >> it's just as important as the others. >> ha, ha, ha, ha. >> swimsuit! eveningwear. talent! poise! >>> good evening. i'm alex wagner
Jun 21, 2013 12:30am PDT
or the law. those 4 things. liver, livelihood, lover and law. within those l's is when somebody shows up in my door, someone suffering, a family member suffering who brings somebody in. when it company ms to treat we know there is different types of treatment, there is evidence base treatment. there is good evidence for it, we do it. there is evidence free treatment, there is no evidence whatsoever and there is evidence proof treatment. one of those evidence proof treatment is incarceration treatment. there was an office inspection in general report and eventually matt case became supervisor for it. i have been involved in other places. treatment in custody doesn't work. flash incarceration does not work. as far as the treatment that do work for alcoholism, alcoholism is a chronic disease like diabetes. hypertension and emphysema. when we look at outcomes for chronic disease, a landmark study for the journal medical association in 1999, showed that results for treatments were no worse or better than any other chronic disease model. so treatment of alcoholism and addiction works. as far
Jun 17, 2013 9:00am PDT
, it is this number called that number. section 702, the fact that it is a law passed by congress, maybe he is speaking more out of ideology than fact. is that possible? >> sure. but i think edward snowden's job is not to evaluate this information for us. i agree, what's important is the content of the leaks. some of these leaks to do with prism and the wiretapping program have fueled the useful policy discussion in the united states and when the white house says, well, we want people to be briefed and we want this discussion, it is a discussion that wasn't happening until these leaks came. but i'm very confused about this leak that we got over the weekend about the russia spy, because what is the theory under which it is in the national interest to leak this information about specific u.s. operations, spying abroad on a government that is i think by any reasonable definition hostile. this is exactly what we want our intelligence agencies doing. i can't understand under what theory it would be advancing americans' privacy interests or advising us that our government is doing something untow
Jun 17, 2013 12:35am EDT
agencies work. i will describe how the law is upheld with respect to intelligence with the united states and deal with specific questions about the work. the intelligence security committee has received information and they will receive a few -- a full report tomorrow. kissing can who chairs the committee -- kensington who chairs the committee is headed to the u.s. they will see what action needs to be taken in light of the report. they will cooperate fully with the committee. i pay tribute to the members on all sides of the house. second, the isc work is based on democratic accountability and oversight. the use of secret intelligence and the uk which effective government has worked to strengthen. the intelligence service act of 1994 and the regulation of powers act of 2000. the act to allow other agencies to seek authorization for their activities. i received hundreds of proposals every year. the proposals are detailed. they set up the planned operations and risks and intended benefits of intelligence. they include comprehensive legal advice describing the basis. it requires a warrant s
Jun 19, 2013 9:00am EDT
joined by the victims of gun violence, parents, teachers, members of law enforcement and many others, many others as we made a simple promise to the american people. we said we will do everything that we can, everything in our power to reduce gun violence in this country. at the time the shock and horror of the massacre at sandy hook was fresh in everyone's mind. only four weeks earlier, the entire country was turning on their television to learn that 20 first graders had been killed in their classroom. six staff and education personnel had died trying to save them. the entire country, the entire country sitting at the television is a very personal means of communication. you sit there in your living room or your library or your den or your kitchen, and you associate directly with the person on the screen. everyone who watched what was going on sat there, and i'm confident if they had children, imagined, imagined what it would be like if they were getting the phone call. remember the parking lot scene, parents running around not knowing whether they'd go in or out, what was happening
Jun 21, 2013 1:00am PDT
can send them home. but law-abiding, four years, their kids are born here, first secure the border. pathway to citizenship, done. but you can't let the problem continue. it's got to stop. >> it's got to stop because it's costing republicans the white house over and over and over again and that's not likely to stop either. at the time of his very dramatic conversion, it seemed as if mr. hannity immigration opponent it turned into immigration reformer because mitt romney had just lost the election the day before. and i think at core, that really is why mr. hannity flipped so dramatically from one side of issue to the other. but it turns out something else was going on behind the scenes at fox news. we now know that republicans had been lobbying fox news on that issue. ryan liz is a reported that republicans have talked privately to top hosts at fox including bill o'reilly and sean hannity who are sympathetic to their bill. god bless fox, lindsey graham said. republicans in congress decided to forget lobbying each other and started lobbying the real power in republican politics, which
Jun 19, 2013 5:30am PDT
really act as a good communicator and facilitator in the program from a law enforcement background. and the grant we get through public works really allows us to run effectively. >> great, thank you. >> [speaker not understood]. let me come on over here. what's your question? >> okay. [speaker not understood]. i've gotten three years of knowledge [speaker not understood]. my question is this. how am i going to get the police department, how am i going to get city council -- they're partially on board, but some of our people in public works are here today. how can i convey to them that i'm not a nut -- everybody here thinks i'm a nut because [speaker not understood]. how did they really take this seriously and realize that graffiti is a crime and it requires money and it requires attention from the officials, not just from covering graffiti? is there an answer? can you give me some sort of -- what's a good direction? >> [speaker not understood]. >> [speaker not understood]. basically the task force, they'll put together and try to convince the citizens something is happening, then i
Jun 20, 2013 1:00pm EDT
together that hopefully we'll support and the president will sign into law. now, i have tried in good faith working with my ranking member and each and every one of you in every facet of these issues to chieve that consensus. i have tried and i hope that you recognize and acknowledge that. but we are at this critical moment whether you believe the bill has too much reform or not enough, or you believe it cuts too much or it doesn't cut enough, we have to move this document forward to achieve a common goal, to meet the needs of our citizens. no matter what part of the country, no matter whether they produce the food or consume the food. we have to meet those common needs in a responsible fashion. i plead to you, i implore you, put aside whatever the latest email is or the latest flyer is or whatever comment or rumor you heard from people near you or around you, assess the situation, look at the bill, vote with me to move this forward. if you care about the consumers, the producers, the citizens of this country, move this bill forward. if it fails today, i can't guarantee that you'll see in t
Jun 15, 2013 3:30am PDT
in the law. and rebecca kats the director of animal control and control it is yours tonight. >> thank you. >> i just want to acknowledge deputy director brown has been putting in a lot of time on these regulations meeting with the stake holers and getting feedback and we have held the numerous community meetings as well as having ape hearing before the animal control and welfare commission so that the members of the public have an opportunity to ask questions and be sure and make any discussions and let us know of any concerns, so the process has been large and arduous and i want to give the credit to the deputy director who sadly for me is retiring in three weeks. but, this is hers long gone and so she is going out with a bang. >> okay. hopefully this will not take too long. >> we are almost there. i am told. i am going to sneak up here and just hand these out. >> don't hesitate to interrupt if you have questions along the way or i would be happy to answer the questions as will rebcca if you have questions at the end of the powerpoint. >> understanding article 39 and this is the health c
Jun 18, 2013 2:00am PDT
to appeal. knows nothing about the hear say rule, nothing about the law. she wonders the halls like their dead. i have seen it. it's out there and it's not right. it's unacceptable. when the hearing is over, she's denied all connection to her daughter. that is what we are talking about. >> what do you think it's going to take to make society in government to take the step towards gideon and it's what we've talked about. you have worked on this for many years? >> and the bar association that is represented today. i think we are proud of our city, whatever city might be here today. we are all proud of our city. i like this city because we get ideas here that nobody else gets. some of them are really bad. we are all friends here. right? so, our little committee, we are powerless in this culture. forget about it. we have no cloud. so our slogan is, we don't think, we do. because we don't want to study things. there are people out there studying things. so we want to a supervisor. david chu, in this city, we said here is the problem and he said that is terrible. he's a practicing lawyer
Jun 18, 2013 7:00am PDT
have it in english and chinese. we have a quick summary of the laws. the ada, calif. building code, the civil rights, and our experts here will elaborate. we also have a list of certified caps at work in san francisco for you. carla johnson with the mayor's office of disability has created a really good it died of out to interview your experts to make sure you are getting the best quality product for you. been next -- the money you pay for the inspection you can take as a tax deduction. any money that if you have taken can be applied as a tax deduction. this can be done on an annual basis. next, the opportunity, and a fund -- opportunity loan fund, providing for small businesses to pay for the inspection or to make improvements needed. to do it before you receive the lawsuit. and lastly, we of the bar association and their resources. they're providing their legal service for you. this last thing i am going to share with you in terms of what we have seen in our office is that with the individuals, that does not necessarily mean an individual will follow up with a lawsuit. what we've
Jun 20, 2013 6:00am PDT
cases against that school discipline, but holly has come up with a really wonderful solution within law enforcement that we would love you to talk about and it's preventive and solution. >> thank you. it's not going to be a shock to you that i don't have a sizzle reel but i did manage to get a few powerpoint slides in so it's a good thing if i can get my next one. can you advance it for me please? so it is a safety course that i created with yahoo. we partnered together. i started asking questions the first day so my boots are on the ground and i'm in the schools and i love doing what i do, and i believe wholeheartedly and i believe it was the soft power -- yes, i love it. i think it's effective in so many ways, so i had luckily teamed up with the right people at yahoo who were really amazing and just the foresight they saw, and believed in the concept that law enforcement needs to be a piece of this puzzle and have some solutions. we have a unique part in the schools and with kids and this did get certified for the peace officer standards and we get credit for that being police
Jun 21, 2013 12:00am PDT
everybody i'm going home and there is people all the time up in there educating myself about the law, i know is fast to get in there, but when the wheels are turned to come home, it's slow. i couldn't accept it. people are like they are going to do this to time. i said no, this is clear. this was what was supposed to have been done from the beginning. even my families, my loved wupz ones that lost. that made me fight more. i never gate gave up my fate. my hope is restored. >> with that i would like to thank all of our panelist. thank you. [ applause ] and we are now going to move to our second panel. while they take their seats, this idea of forced treatment versus constitutional rights has always been a tension that we've had in our criminal justice system. there is an issue that came up earlier this year that you may have read about involving this implementation of a court that was supposed to treat individuals who were suffering from long-term alcoholism. and the court was set up in a way where individuals were not being arrested for a crime but instead were being jailed for contempt of
Jun 18, 2013 7:00am EDT
to "washington journal." tackles a late-term abortion law and a farm bill. hisident obama continues overseas meeting. it's just today the supreme arizona's lotn that would require arizona voters to approve their citizens. here are the numbers to call -- you can also find online, send us a tweet, or 20 conversation on facebook. you can also here is the front page of " the arizona republic," -- the another arizona paper looks at this, "the dispatch" -- let us look at "usa today" on this issue -- we will talk later on with an editor who covers the supreme court -- but for now we are drawing on what they decided yesterday regarding this arizona law. the headline -- looking at more into this, three other states, alabama, georgia, and kansas require proof of citizenship before a citizen -- before residents can register to vote -- here is one comment from the vice-president of litigation from the mexican-american legal defense and education fund here are the numbers to call to talk about the arizona voter law and the supreme court's decision to strike it down. the story made the front page of "the
Jun 18, 2013 12:30am PDT
dedicated professionals that are in the practice of municipal law handling a variety of things like marriage quality we're hoping to get a favorable decision on and to the nuts and bolts of city government. and we have a lot of claims advising commissions and every elected official with respect to the law how we should handle the negotiations. you name it the city attorney's office off the is involved in the inner workings. whether it is legislative branch or executive branch. we try to provide the highest representation to all our clients. i've had the opportunity to review the analysts report. you'll note that our proposed budget increase for 2013 and fourteen is a little bit over $14.04 percent of our 2013 and 2014 budget. in our fiscal year 2014, 2015 there's an increase of approximately 3 percent more than the 2013 and 2014. most of that increase is in both years is due to mandated salaries and friendly benefits. we are a department that does not have physical assets separate from the personnel costs we have for our attorneys and support staff which is negotiated and collectively bargai
Jun 17, 2013 8:30pm EDT
be breaking the law. the house judiciary committee is working on legislation to change this rule. earlier an fcc commissioner spoke about this issue at an event hosted by techfreedom. [inaudible conversations] >> thank you all for coming. i'm the president of techfreedom. this is a first for us. its first event we have had here in our new space and probably the first time many of you have been in this building. we have walked past this building and had no idea what it was. it's an architectural treasure preserved in its historic worms in the methodist church is kind enough to lease the building to non-profits like techfreedom. we have the first, this will surprise you, the first technology policy think-tank taste at the methodist church and we are looking forward to talking about technology with organizations were trying to change the world in their own way. this is also the first time we have had c-span coverage techfreedom event so we are delighted to have them here. it's her first time with commissioner pai and our first time with our new format which is a tech briefing, so we handed t
Jun 15, 2013 4:05pm EDT
committee for the satellite television law. second hearing on this issue. i want to welcome our witnesses. thank you for coming and sharing your knowledge and opinions with us. welcome amy tyson and congratulate her on her award last night. she was into it into the cable industry hall of fame. leader in theic cable industry and the central oregon community and we are delighted she made the trip out here and is willing to testify. the hearing will examine whether the law authorizing television providers to redistribute programming still serves an important portion. -- function. the lots 25 years old. the question is, should congress repeal the law, reauthorize it as it is, or revise it? congress passed the original law in 1988 to give them a leg up in providing distant broadcast signals to viewers out of range of over the air signals. onectv and dish control third of the television market. their the second and third largest largest pay television providers behind comcast. one of the half-million of the 115.9 million television households still receive distant signals. that is about 1%. dis
Jun 20, 2013 12:30am PDT
partnership in south florida with local law enforcement who had gone into schools talking about bullying, including cyber bullying and giving people concrete examples of things of situations they saw, it was remarkable. and that is why we will continue to do that work. so i hope today as we move forward you will understand that we are in this together with you at the department of justice. this is an all hands on deck enterprise. there is so much to do. i hope at the end of this day we will indeed all follow the lead of that student, walk out and say what are one or two things i'm going to do differently and better? how are we going to improve this situation? i hope if you take one and only one thing from melinda and my and ruslyn's remarks today, if you have an idea, please bring them to us. we want to learn from you. we are in this together and i want to say thank you because the most important thing we have is a recognition that you understand that this is indeed a national issue for us to deal with. i'm looking forward to the rest of the day, i appreciate your presence and i
Jun 20, 2013 1:30am PDT
's law in honor of her, she had been in and around sacramento for a long time. so the legislation in and of itself, i don't think it's going to work miracles, but it is definitely on people's radar now and i think you hear it in the media more and more. the reason we have a suicide barrier and the reason we are having legislation like this is because of the parents and the families because they are the ones that hurt the most and i would imagine part of the therapeutic thing, you've got to tell this story and telling it in the right place and the right time can be very effective. so seth's law does require that if you witness an act of bullying, that you must report it. >> is that for anybody? >> anyone, but particularly teachers. there is a -- sometimes we see things that aren't very pleasant and if you've ever taken it to muni, you know what i mean. your tendency is to turn away. i heard the word faggot on the play ground when i taught. the teachers were intimidated, they didn't want to be seen to have any empathy because that might reflect on them. it's crazy but that's p
Jun 16, 2013 6:00pm EDT
on the subsidized stafford loans? >> by law they go to 6.8%. >> we have the current policy debate during the fiscal cliff. other current policy still would go up there. would it be a good idea to increase the rates? >> we are splitting hairs. the law says on july 1 they go to 6.8%. the law already has the non- subsidized stafford rates. we are bringing those down because we combined them. since most students who have the subsidized stafford loans also have the unsubsidized loans. they are bringing this down as well. we think the long-term solution, using the market, not having this kind of political debate every year or two is the right way to go. even those who are proposing doing this for two years recognize that we're going to have another political debate in two years or they will have to have a long-term solution. we put forward one that is good and solid. the president put one for that also ties to the market. the ingredients are there to be able to come together and i are out what ever the deficit might be. >> do you have any sympathies for democrats, tom harkin of iowa? he was making commen
Jun 15, 2013 10:00am PDT
cohen. my name is barbara campagnoli and i am honored to be nominated by mayor lee for the law enforcement seat on the entertainment commission. i am now here to seek your approval. i am a native san franciscan, raised in the richmond district and graduate of san francisco state. i have also raised my own family in the richmond district, where i still reside with my husband of 35 years. i served 30 years in the san francisco police department before retiring three years ago. i held the rank of inspector, and i served in the domestic violence response unit, and also in background investigations. i worked in the police permit bureau at the hall of justice for 16 years, holding a top-uniform advisory position, and this was prior to the creation of the entertainment commission. so the san francisco police department still administered and regulated entertainment permits. there i was able to interface with many of the club owners. i believe that i have a great deal to give back to the city, that i love so much as an entertainment commissioner. i have firsthand only in of the natura
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